02/06/2019 HFA Leadership Forum: The Path to Becoming a Chief Human Resources Officer

In the interview below, Andrew Farrell, a Principal with the Human Resources Leadership Practice at HFA, talks with Debbie Shotwell, Chief People Officer at Saba Software, a company that provides cloud-based intelligent talent management solutions for organizations to hire, develop, engage, and inspire people worldwide. Throughout her more than 25-year career, Debbie has served in executive HR leadership positions at companies including BigCommerce, Good Technology, Pacific Pulmonary Services, Taleo, PeopleSoft, and AvalonBay.

11/09/2018 How to Convert Diversity Aspirations into a Competitive Advantage

It is no longer a question of whether diversity makes sense for executive leadership teams and boards – it does.

11/05/2018 HFA Leadership Forum: The Path to Becoming a Chief Information Security Officer

As a leading executive and board search firm, Howard Fischer Associates works with some of the top companies and senior executives throughout the nation. Our success stems from our belief that exceptional leadership is the most powerful competitive advantage a company can have in the global marketplace. The HFA Leadership Forum features interviews with some of these exceptional leaders, providing insight into their career paths, recommended best practices, and the industry trends that are worth paying attention to.

10/10/2018 The Role of Counter Offers in Executive Search

Filling an open executive position can take a significant amount of time – for both the companies and the candidates involved. On the company side, the process requires identifying must-have candidate attributes, executing an exhaustive interview process, assessing cultural fit, and completing reference audits. Then once a candidate has emerged as the top choice, there is an active compensation negotiation process. Finally, an offer letter is signed.

08/09/2018 Time is the Enemy of Executive Search

While every executive and board search is unique, “speed to close” is still one of the primary factors that hiring managers and companies are focused on when evaluating the success of the process. On average, most executive-level searches take three to five months to thoroughly and diligently identify, vet, reference, and close a candidate.   

05/30/2018 Why a Retained Search Firm is a Complement to An Internal Search Team

There is a common misconception that if your company has an internal recruiting team, bringing in an external team would be in direct competition. On the contrary, many of the most successful executive searches are executed through a partnership between the internal and external recruiting teams.

04/23/2018 Understanding a Candidate’s Motivations

Over the last decade, the growth of social media, search tools, and recruitment websites have significantly impacted the field of executive recruiting. Recruiters now have access to high volumes of personal and professional data about candidates, along with the ability to quickly analyze this data. They can reach a larger pool of candidates and algorithmically search for the right fit. Candidates have access to tools, through platforms like LinkedIn, that make it easier to network, job search, and market themselves. As a result, both recruiters and candidates have greater control over and increased options for their searches.

04/23/2018 The 5 Candidate Motivations That Matter the Most

In my last blog, I wrote about how gaining insight into a candidate’s motivations is a crucial factor in a successful executive search. Knowing what is important to the person and why they are interested in changing roles gives you a blueprint for how to approach your search and a better idea of how successful the candidate will be in the long term. Now it’s time to put that knowledge into practice.

01/19/2018 How to Better Predict Candidate Success in the Executive Search Process

Reference audits are a vital part of the executive search process. They illuminate characteristics about a candidate that aren’t always obvious or visible through the interview process. They also directly speak to a candidate’s potential to be successful in a role and fit within your company’s culture, answering questions like:

12/19/2017 What Executive Recruiters Look for in a Senior-Level Resume

Even at the senior level, resumes are a key factor in identifying the right candidates to consider for an open position. Crafting a stand-out resume is a necessity – but the elements that will elevate you above other candidates are less about the visuals and more about the content.