Howard Fischer Associates’ Client Aurora Acquires Blackmore


The acquisition gives Aurora ownership of Blackmore’s lidar technology

HFA client Aurora designs software and hardware that powers the next revolution in transportation: self-driving vehicles.

Based on the company’s belief that lidar is an integral component in the future of autonomous vehicles, Aurora has purchased Blackmore, a company who specializes in lidar technology. Aurora says the acquisition will allow it to make its hardware “safer, more efficient and more cost effective.”

CNET recently covered the acquisition and reported:

Aurora emerged from relative stealth in early 2018, when both Volkswagen and Hyundai announced that they were working with the company to further AV development. The company, led by former Google whiz kid Chris Urmson, scored big earlier this year when it landed $530 million in Series B funding led by a venture capital firm that includes Amazon among its well-known backers.

HFA recently helped Aurora place Sherry Pulvers as Chief Human Resources Officer. Sherry brings over two decades of experience, at businesses including SugarCRM, Everwise, and Fortinet.

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