Rather than judging the success of an executive or board search by the number of high-quality candidates presented, the length of the search process, or the client’s immediate satisfaction with the hire, we measure the success of a search by the long-term success of the candidate.

Our entire process and approach to placing candidates, as well as the compensation package for our consultants, revolves around the long-term success of the candidates we place.

It all begins with our 360-degree reference audit – a much deeper dive than a traditional reference process. Through this process, we document and develop a deep understanding of not only what the candidate has accomplished in their career, but also how they achieved that success and their working and management style.

A true differentiator for our firm, we don’t stop when the search closes. Following the search placement, we continue to stay in contact with the client and the candidate for two years to assess their satisfaction with the search.

Great search execution and successful candidates are what matter to us because that’s what matters to our clients. As a result, nearly 100 percent of our clients have used us for more than one search.

Gunnar Wiedenfels, CFO


“I want to take a minute and appreciate the impact you have had on my team. 3 for 3… and all of them are continuing to develop very well and driving the quality of our work to new levels. Hats off – a truly outstanding track record!”

Jim Howard

Former CEO, Crownpeak, & Private Equity Operating Partner

“I have worked with Howard Fischer Associates on five different executive searches, both directly when I was the CEO of my own company as well as presently as an Operating Partner with a Private Equity firm. They have consistently met or exceeded my expectations with each placement, regardless of the inherent challenges of the positions. Our relationship has spanned a diversity of regions (Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Denver) and a diversity of functions (sales, finance, marketing, and engineering), and I have found my experience to be positive in each case. I will continue to look to HFA for my executive search needs.”

Kelli Dragovich

SVP of People, Hired

“I have had the pleasure of working with Howard Fischer Associates as both a placement of theirs as well as a client. In both instances, I found the HFA team to be responsive, strategic, and thorough in their execution. As a client of HFA, my CEO and I were impressed by the quality of the candidates we met, the sense of urgency in the communication, and the strategic manner in which they conducted the search. By the end of the process, HFA was a seamless extension of our team. I would highly recommend HFA and will gladly work with them again when the need arises.”


Consumer Goods Company

“In my opinion there is no comparison between HFA and other search consultants.  The HFA team was by far the best group of search consultants I have used in the last 30 years.”

Lawrence Costello

Founder and Managing Principal, Lawrence Costello and Associates

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Howard and his team for over 20 years on many special assignments. HFA is my go-to firm when I need to fill a highly specialized role or a role that requires good assessment processes around the candidate, good follow-through, and good alignment with the company’s needs. One of the things that I’ve always valued about Howard and his team is their outside-in perspective on a candidate. They are able to combine their insights on what’s going on in the market and at other firms with their perspective on what a company needs, while taking into account a company’s future strategy.”

Jared Lucas

CHRO, MobileIron

“I have worked with the team at Howard Fischer Associates on five separate occasions with two different companies. On every occasion, their placements have made my company stronger. As a boutique executive search firm, what sets HFA apart for me is their structured approach, collaborative and strategic style, constant communication, and their ability to identify candidates that “fit” my company. Most importantly they have tremendous grit and tenacity which gives me the confidence that they are going to put the work into every search to achieve the ideal outcome. This work ethic is a differentiator in a crowded executive search market. They are not afraid of challenging searches, and the quality of the relationships they build both with the candidates and the client allow them to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of every search. They are a valued partner for demanding executive hires.”


Fortune 100 Media and Technology Co

“I was fortunate enough to work with Howard Fischer Associates as both a candidate (placed) as well as a client. In both instances, I found the HFA team to be transparent and open about the process in both cases as well as a strategic advisor. As a client of HFA, I was impressed with not only the level of candidates presented but also the knowledge and thorough process in evaluating talent and understanding both the needs for the role as well as cultural fit. HFA was a true partner for me in both search processes and I would highly recommend and work with HFA again.”