“What’s past is prologue.” — William Shakespeare

Reference audits are a vital part of the executive search process. They are the best predictor of future candidate fit and performance that we have.

They illuminate characteristics about a candidate that aren’t always visible through the interview process, and they directly speak to a candidate’s potential to be successful in a role and fit within (or change) a company’s culture. We believe that as part of a thorough and successful search process, it is critical to complete a comprehensive reference audit before extending an offer.

Our 360-degree reference audit process is a true differentiator in our industry. As part of our process, our team conducts extensive interviews with a minimum of six-twelve references from the past 15 to 20 years of a candidate’s career – including bosses, peers, and direct reports. A confidential evaluation is documented for each candidate and shared with our clients, which outlines their strengths and any areas of concern. This level of detail helps a client make a more informed decision about selection and management development.

Once the client selects a candidate, our involvement doesn’t end. We are deeply invested in the transition/assimilation period, collecting feedback from both the client and candidate for two years after the placement. Learn more about how we are dedicated to ensuring the success of our candidates long after the hire.