Live is important for Twitter, as evidenced by the large number of deals the company has signed in order to increase the amount of live content on its platform. Towards the same, the company has now announced that it is hiring Todd Swidler as its Global Head of Live Business.

Swidler is a veteran in the field of digital media distribution. From being the global head of video distribution and partnerships at Bloomberg, hos latest gig was at ESC games where he was the CEO of the firm.

Live is a very important area for Twitter, and for all other social networking platforms. Over the past few months, we have seen how these platforms have modified and made changes to their strategies so as to batter cater to live content. Twitter, Facebook, all of these social networking platforms have been laying out increasingly more focus on Live Content.

Twitter’s latest hire is just another attempt to better position the company to benefit from the opportunities that the boom in live content has opened up. And it needs that extra push. While it may have signed up a lot of content providers – including bloomberg — others like Facebook, are not are behind. The Mark Zuckerberg led company for instance, recently signed a deal to stream baseball games on it platform in the US. And that is just one of the many deals it has managed to bag over the past few months.