Jason Adair is a focused sales leader with a proven track record of building winning teams, collaborating with key cross-organizational stakeholders, and achieving ambitious growth targets. He is a highly effective professional, responsible for developing and implementing scalable, repeatable, and measurable sales strategies for multiple solutions and customer segments  Jason has demonstrated the ability to communicate sales goals, projections,forecasts, sales plays, and competitive information to the sales and marketing organizations. He is accustomed to analyzing complicated issues, key points, and takeaways, developing action plans that drive a successful conclusion; and is on the cutting edge of new business prospecting strategies and social listening tools.

Airgap aims to simplify and secure corporate infrastructure to allow work from anywhere. They believe that the traditional enterprise network and security infrastructure have run their course. The three-plus decades old architecture isn’t the way forward for the cloud generation. Together, Airgap can help enterprises modernize their network for a simple and secure infrastructure – all delivered from the cloud.

To learn more about Airgap, visit https://airgap.io/.