With 22+ years of designing entire systems, Garrick possesses extensive skills in most aspects of hardware design, including architecture, schematics, layout, simulation, thermal performance, programming, and mechanics. His broad experience is used to build superb teams and robust platforms quickly, and his experience and proficiency in 3D modeling and design reinforces his mechanical aesthetics, design reliability and allows for efficient thermodynamics.


FarmWise was founded in 2016 by Sebastien Boyer and Thomas Palomares, long-time friends and engineers passionate about sustainability challenges. They started to imagine how the technology they used while working in MIT and Stanford Computer Science laboratories could be used to make farming drastically more efficient.


For vegetable growers who face increased growing costs and new environmental and regulatory pressures, the FarmWise suite of data-driven services harnesses plant-level data to drive precise field actions in order to streamline farm operations and increase food production efficiency.


To learn more about FarmWise, visit https://farmwise.io/.