The Problem

  1. Traditional Executive Search is reactive. Typically, companies don't start a search until someone leaves unexpectedly or an executive termination takes place.

    Traditional Executive Search takes 4-8 months, which is too long and too expensive in opportunity costs for most businesses.  Until the HFA Leadership Pipeline there hasn't been a good alternative.

    The problem for diversity: There is so much pressure to fill the opening ASAP that diversity becomes a lower priority.

  2. Why limit your succession plans to only internal choices? The best leadership talent for a particular role may be outside your company. How can you get to know that talent before you need it, while keeping the process confidential?

The Solution — HFA Leadership Pipeline

The HFA Leadership Pipeline is a proactive, anticipatory approach that enables client companies to meet the best diverse talent well before the need, while maintaining a relationship and confidentiality until it's time to bring them on board.